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  • Is it possible to get a job after the program?
    Participants who successfully complete the training and are active during the program will be offered a cybersecurity internship program at Defscope. Also, referrals are available for all participation.
  • What topics are covered in the training?
    You can go to the training section of our page and get acquainted with our available training topics and their syllabus.
  • What is the level of English knowledge?
    At a level where you can easily understand technical teaching materials (minimum pre-intermediate)
  • Is it possible to attend training and then find a job without a higher education diploma?
    Of course, if you have a sufficient level of English, technical knowledge and skills, you can participate in the training. Later, you can get a job by getting international certificates.
  • How many people are there in total?
    The number of participants in the group is 10-20 people. Depending on the number of applicants, the number of participants varies within this range.
  • Is a discount possible?
    You will be informed about the discount only after your CV has been scanned and approved by the management.
  • What is the age limit for your training?
    The minimum age for Ethical Hacker is 18, but 15+ is enough to get into Cyber Security training. The student is selected based on his/her knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm, and the contract is signed with the parent(A contract with a parent only applies to under 18s.)
  • Do you need mathematical knowledge in this field? If necessary, at what level?
    Advanced mathematical knowledge is not necessary, some understanding is sufficient. Analytical thinking is the key.
  • Is it possible to pay in installments?
    An official contract is signed with registered participants.According to that contract, the possibility of partial payment is created for up to 6 months.Please note that the first part of the payment is paid at the time of registration.
  • Where does the training take place?
    Trainings are held at Afiyaddin Jalilov 20.
  • When do the trainings start?
    The start time of each training is different. New groups are usually assembled in the middle of each month.
  • Are there demo/trial lessons for training?
    Those who want to participate in demo/trial classes can write or call the contact number of Defscope company.
  • Are there online trainings?
    Our trainings are held offline, but those who want can join online.
  • Where are lab resources obtained and how are they used?
    Labs are purchased online and administered via a personal computer.
  • Who are the trainers?
    Instructors vary depending on training.Therefore, you can download the directory and browse information about trainers from the Defscope TRD section. Additionally, you can browse the instructors' international certifications by linking to their LinkedIn profiles.

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